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The Shattered Temple

The Shattered Temple

Points of Light

Dragons are no longer lingering in the shadows. They are bold in action. Vecna worshipers seem to be behind every plight and plot. Demons have amassed to the north of The Nentirvale where the city of Winterhaven once stood. Titans have reportedly joined their cause for an unknown reason, and the demon hordes march to Hammerfast in order to appease their soon-to-be titan and giant allies. A group of adventurer’s called the Red Hand Marauders have made their animosity clear to any in their way. What can stop such overwhelming odds? Who can bring peace to the ruler-less lands of The Nentirvale?

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The Heroes of Fallcrest are the only ones who are powerful enough to put an end to all that threatens the land. Renowned Dragon slayers, defenders of the weak, and bravery unmatched; their accomplishments are many and sang by many a bard throughout the planes. They presently find themselves in Sigil, trying to find aid from anyone who can assist with the Winterhaven tragedy. May the gods speed their will, for the time of action is nigh.

“In a land of darkness, anyplace you touch is a Point of Light” -Koldobika the Politician, addressing the Party at Seven Pillar Hall

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