Well of Demons

4 rooms with dangerous battles, all connected by a complicated trap system that has to be navigated while dodging a Green Dragon and his acid breath? The Party proved their mettle by making short work of this death trap for followers of Baphomet.

Once finished, the group went through a strange mist behind the doors to the inner sanctum. Vorjinn never made it through the other side…

Inside the inner sanctum the Party discovered a long time prisoner of the Well, a Mindshard named Malock. With his help, they otherthrew the Gnoll Half-Fiend Maldrek Scarmaker, tearing his demon-like wings off before sending him to his final resting place.

During the battle, Maldrek killed one of the last missing townsfolk from Fallcrest, but hey, 11 out of 12 isn’t so bad!

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Well of Demons

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