Raven's Wing Locations

The Raven’s Wing General Store was set up by Balock (a follower of the Raven Queen that Dorvius took under his wing).
While the Party was busy with clearing out the Pyramid of Shadows, Balock began using their owned properties to create a thriving business, while promoting the Raven Queen.
Vampires and other sentient undead are not welcome, and will not be served.

Raven’s Wing Locations -

The old watchtower in Fallcrest (Received after stopping the endless winter at the Cairn of the Winterking
Grimmerzhule Trading Post in Seven Pillar Hall (‘Liberated’ from it’s old owners in a violent fashion)
The recently acquired property in Cendriane within The Feywild (Given by Lord Reylynn after returning a powerful ritual book to restore a body to his daughter, Vyrellis)

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Raven's Wing Locations

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