Current Party

Name Race Class Notes
Dorvius Dragonborn Cleric (Death Domain) Original Member
Slade Tiefling Rogue Original Member
Daaga Ironscale Dragonborn Battlemind Original Member, after short hiatus
Ronen Deva Avenger Joined at Grimmerzhule Fortress
Malock Mindshard Wizard Joined at Well of Demons
Tisiphone Hellfire Tiefling Ranger Joined in the Well of Demons

Missing in Action

Name Race Class Notes
Vhaelum Air Gensai Warlord Joined in Sigil / The Feywild
Rhaam Dragonborn Berserker/Assassin Killed by Karavakos in the Pyramid of Shadows
Vorjinn Dragonborn Monk Disappeared in the Well of Demons
Addonai Dragonborn Ex-Paladin of Bahamut Prisoner in Dis of the Nine Hells

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