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Session 27 - Battle of Hammerfast: Pre-Fight

Session 27 – Battle of Hammerfast: Pre-Fight

-As recorded by Belzethar, the Book Imp.
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2nd quarter of 1636, Revelation 6…
So the pile of rocks I was following around, Malock, decides to stop everything and be a finger waggle-er over in the Fey. I hopped inside the bag of this follower of Ioun, Ronen, a few days ago. None of this " Party " has even noticed I’m tagging along, and here we are in Sigil.

I wake up from a nap to the noise of ruckus. Once I popped out I realized that these blokes done got themselves into yet another fight! This time in some sort of old warehouse, with a fellow named Tarvas Demoncaller and about 5 of his demon friends. They dispatched these under-skilled folk with hardly any difficulty.

Once done they met up with what I understand to be a Oni (Ogre) mage. Fellow went by the name Estavan . He paid the party while I went through his spell books and tore out some pages I needed.

Afterward, the loud one, Daaga Ironscale , heads to a statue of Melora and picks a fight. After being tricked into the Far Realm by a dragonborn he was yelling at, he disappeared for some time. I gather that he was stuck in an area of the Far Realm close to the Living Gate. Here, he saw projections that looked exactly like the party, but a lot weaker. Once he launched himself on a giant balista (also a projection from Daaga), he returned back to Sigil.

This is when things got bad. Before I know it, I’m whisked away to The Nentirvale, and these bloody lunatics are off to play ‘War Hero’ at Hammerfast against an endless stream of demons!

For days, all we hear are these damn drums. Driving me mad these drums are. All there is, are the dragging of chains and those god awful drums. Pounding away at our resolve, pounding away from our sanity…

The following was jotted down hastily
The demon army is here…
…thousands of them…

Sessions 1-26
A quick recap

The Party has delved many dangerous dungeons and aided many a town and city. What started off as a need for adventure, has quickly turned into a quest wrought with importance, as Winterhaven was sacked and taken control of by demons and worshipers of Orcus. The Party currently seeks aid for the Winterhaven plight.

Here are the dungeons the Party has cleared :


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