Daaga's cousin, driven insane


Velkar was always in competition to out-skill Daaga through childhood. His temper reached it’s boiling point once their grandfather died and left all his belongings to Daaga. He quickly tried to hurl the plane-hopping Ironscale Manor into the abyss. He was quickly dispatched by the Party, and Daaga tried to talk sense into his cousin. After reason failed horribly, Velkar was tossed 200 feet into the Lake Nen.

Somehow, he survived. But the process has changed him drastically. He has to wear a breathing apparatus that feeds him the constant flow of poisonous fumes he now needs to survive. After recovering, he sent out to destroy Daaga’s family, dracolich mount, and Ironscale Manor. After achieving this, he imprisoned his cousin in the Elemental Plane of Chaos.

The Party made short work of the prison, and set out their old leader.

Velkar’s actions are unknown at the moment. But his voice was heard in Sigil when Ambek attacked the Party.


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